Xonotic keygen

To generate and sign a key IN GAME, follow these steps on the console:
  1. crypto_keygen 0 http://ca.xonotic.org/?ca=0&key=
To generate and sign a key MANUALLY, follow these steps on a UNIX command line:
  1. ./crypto-keygen-standalone -p key_0.d0pk -o key_0.d0si
  2. ./crypto-keygen-standalone -p key_0.d0pk -I key_0.d0si -o request.d0iq -O camouflage.d0ic
  3. Upload the request.d0iq file:
  4. Save the response.d0ir file you are getting
  5. ./crypto-keygen-standalone -p key_0.d0pk -I key_0.d0si -c camouflage.d0ic -J response.d0ir -o key_0.d0si
  6. Delete request.d0iq, camouflage.d0ic, response.d0ir
Your key_0.d0si key is now signed.
To use another CA, please enter its number here before using this page: